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לצירוף used to באנגלית ישנם שני פירושים הקשורים להֶרְגֵּל, ולא למהות המילה use = להשתמש: 



 Pronoun + used to + verb Form:1.
 a habit from the past,
it's finished, over, and done with
 1. היה בעבר, תם ונשלם   
 I used to play the piano when I was young. Examples: 
 Jeff used to be a lawyer, now he's a principal.   
 The Twin Towers used to be in downtown NY.   
 Jen used to work in the American embassy.   
 It used to be that you could buy mayonnaise in bulk.~   
Pronoun + am/is/are + used to + verbing Form:2a.
 a habit in the present Meaning: 
 2א. הֶרְגֵּל בהווה   

I'm used to taking showers in the evenings.
She's used to peeling the cucumbers; don't try to talk her out of it.
They're used to going to that conference; I'm sure they'll go this year too. 


2ב. פחות נפוץ

 Less common 
 Pronoun + was/were + used to + verbing Form:2b.
 a habit in the past progressive Meaning: 
 הֶרְגֵּל בעבר ממושך   
 She was used to travelling in first class until she lost her job. Example: 

~The sentence can also be followed by a clause. 

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