When do we use the present progressive?  

1. To talk about an action that is happening at the moment of speaking - something we're doing right now!
I'm working on the computer.
He's studying - he can't go out.


2.  To talk about an arrangement or plan in the near future (usually with a future time expression).
They're going on a business trip next week. 
She's throwing him a suprise birthday party tonight.


3.  To complain about irritating actions that are repeated regulary.
He's always losing his keys.


Click here to see to be contractions
I am = I'm
He is not = He's not / He isn't

 How do we use the present progressive?

 [+] I  add the helping verb am + verbing
        You, we, they   add the helping verb are + verbing
     He, she it  add the helping verb is + verbing
 I am learning about the present progressive right now.  
 We (you / they) are writing a paper on the influence of family size on education attainment.    
 (He /she / it) The store is closing early today because of the holiday.



[-]  I  add the helping verb am not + verbing
        You, we, they   add the helping verb are not + verbing
     He, she it  add the helping verb is not + verbing
 I'm not talking to her. 
 They (you / we)'re not getting up anytime soon.  
 He (/she / it) isn't going to the doctor.  


[?]  I  Start the question with the helping verb Am + verbing
        You, we, they   Start the question with the helping verb are + verbing
     He, she it  Start the question withthe helping verb is + verbing
 Am I dreaming, or is this really you?
 Are you (we / they) spending the night at her place?  
 Is he (/she / it) sleeping or can we make noise? 


Please note - there are certain verbs that are not used in the present progressive.
Click here to read about Stative Verbs.



   Time Expressions used in the Present Progressive 

 right now
 at the moment
Also ≈ 










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