When do we use the present simple?



1. To talk about a habit, sometimes with a time expression.
We always eat together.
I don't normally pick up the phone during a meeting.
Does she usually take a nap in the afternoon?



2. To talk about facts and to state general truths.
Traders work under stressful conditions. 
Water boils at  100° (100 Celsius)
It doesn't snow down south.
Do bees have big wings? 




3. For narrative / dramatic purposes (stories, jokes…)
Messi kicks the ball... it's a goal!!!
The coals pip-pop and the wind doesn't stop, but the bear snores on.




4. For a planned action in the future.
  The train leaves at 10:00 am.



How do we use the present simple? 



 [+] I, you, we, they  no change in the verb 
       He, she it  get an s at the end of the verb 
 I (/ you / we / they) take dance lessons.
 He (/she / it) takes a long time to get ready.



[-] I, you, we, they  add the helping verb don't (do not) ; no change in the main verb
       He, she it  add the helping verb doesn't (does not) ; no change in the main verb
 I (/ you / we / they) don't like beer.
 He (/she / it) doesn't like alcohol at all.



[?] I, you, we, they  the helping verb Do begins the question
       He, she it  the helping verb Does begins the question
 Do you (/ I / we / they) come here often?
 Does he (/she / it) usually come on time?






Time Expressions (adverbs of frequency) used in the Present Simple




2 words (or more) 


1 word 

At the end of the sentence




After the subject / before the main verb

every minute, day, etc.
once a week, month etc.
twice a year etc. 
three times a week etc.
quite often
all the time  
hardly ever*
 The children read a book every night.
 I don't usually go to bars.  I hardly ever drink.
 She goes to the gym twice a week.
 He doesn't always think before he speaks.



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