.To Be can either be a main verb or a helping verb
 .To be is the "exceptional verb", the irregular form of all verbs
Unlike all other verbs in English, it does not require a helping verb (an auxiliary) in any of its conjugations (נטיות) - not even when forming negative sentences or questions.



[+] The positive form is conjugated according to the pronoun.   
      Remember: the form be does not always appear in conjugation.


[-] In the negative form we add not

[?] When forming a question, am/is/are/was/were precedes the pronoun.

See examples and tables below


Examples of To Be in the Present Simple:

[+] I am late.
      You (/ we /they) are excited to be here.
      He (/ she / it) is very interesting.


[-] I am not early. 
     You (/ we / they) are not fat!
     He (/ she/ it) is not boring.


[?] Am I crazy?
     Are you (/ we / they) in the same group?
     Is he (/ she / it ) OK?
     Are we (/ you/ they) there yet?


[-?] Aren't I right? or Am I not right?
      Aren't you (/ we / they) in the same group?
      Isn't he (/ she / it ) funny?
      Aren't we (/ you/ they) special?  



To Be in the Present Simple:  













      Contraction  Contraction  Contraction  
 I am I'm 


 I'm not Am I
 You are You're You aren't You're not Are you
 He/She/It is He's
 He isn't
She isn't
It isn't
 He's not
She's not
It's not
 Is he
Is she
Is it
 We  are  We're  We aren't  We're not  Are we 
  You are  You're You aren't You're not Are you
 They  are  They're  They aren't  They're not  Are they 





Examples of To Be in the Past Simple:

[+] I was productive.
     You (/ we /they) were eager to go back.
     He (/ she / it) was very annoying.


[-] I wasn't that late. 
     You (/ we / they) were not fair!
     He (/ she/ it) wasn't even there.


[?] Was I right?
     Were you (/ we / they) in the same convention?
     Was he (/ she / it ) nice? 


[-?] Wasn't I wrong? 
      Weren't you (/ we / they) together?
      Isn't he (/ she / it ) funny?


To Be in the Past Simple:  











 I was was not 


 Was I
 You were  were not weren't Were you
 He/She/It was was not  wasn't Was he
Was she
Was it
  You were  were not  weren't Were you
  We were were not  weren't Were we
  They were were not  weren't Were they









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